April Gardening Jobs!

April is one of the most beautiful month of the year with bulbs, shrubs and alpines all thriving into bloom. These plants bring beautiful, fantastic colour and scent to the garden. There is a variable weather pattern of sunshine and showers in April which is great for the flowers. April is a busy month for the garden but as the days length is longer, then there is plenty of time to enjoy your garden, see the-must April gardening jobs.

April Gardening Jobs Essential Checklist

  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs

  • Weed borders

  • Plant evergreen hedges

  • Prune hydrangeas

  • Take cuttings of tender plants

  • Sow winter brassicas

  • Sow tender crops (Protect them from frost when necessary)

  • Tidy up strawberry beds

  • Sow herbs

  • Regularly mow and feed lawns

Turn and aerate compost piles. Screen any compost you’ll be applying in the next few weeks so that it will be ready when you need it.

Go after lawn pests: Grubs of various sorts (like those of the Japanese beetle) and sod webworms take advantage of spring to feed near the surface. Now’s the time to inspect your lawn for dead and fading patches or soft spongy areas where grubs may have destroyed the turf’s roots. You might spot the grubs themselves. Hit them with an Organic Materials Review Institute-listed spray while they’re vulnerable. Have chickens? Before spraying, turn them loose –with supervision, of course.

Practice patience: Still waiting for spring to… well, spring? Be patient. Don’t start working your garden before the soil is ready to avoid compaction. Monitor those soil temperatures for proper germination temperatures for particular seed with a soil thermometer.

Weed Borders: At this time of the year weeds can multiply quickly so it is best to remove them when they are small. Weeding is a great way of getting to know you garden. After weeding, mulch the borders with homemade compost. It is best to apply mulch over moist soil, ideally after it has rained. The mulch helps to trap the spring moisture in the ground. For shrubs such as camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas, their flowers can be affected by how much water they received the year before so mulching is important.