May Gardening Jobs

It’s spring! The sun is out and the April showers have given your garden the boost it needs to get growing, so now is the time to do a bit of prep work to reap the benefits all summer. But with so much to do in the garden in May, what is top of the priority list?

Prep Your Pots.

Plant up your outdoor pots and summer hanging baskets, but keep them in a greenhouse or porch for a few weeks to establish, before putting them outside. Establishing the plants encourages roots to grow out and increase their drought tolerance which means they will be able to withstand the drier months ahead.

Keep Soil Moist.

Make sure that the soil or compost stays moist but is not waterlogged and take care to water the ground around the plant and not the leaves.

Mulch Beds and Borders.

Not only does mulching lock in the soil’s moisture and improve its texture, it also works to supress weeds. By covering the soil with mulch, weed seeds struggle to come into contact with the soil when they land; this, combined with their deprivation of light means they cannot germinate and are prevented from growing. Make sure you apply enough mulch (around 2-3 inches) and ensure that the mulch is not pushed too closely up against your plants.

Lawn Care.

Apply nitrogen-rich summer feed to your lawn to encourage leafy growth. May is the best time of year to do this as the longer daylight hours and warmer soil create the perfect conditions for the grass to grow. Always fertilise your lawn after mowing to avoid disturbing the fertiliser on the surface.

Grow Beautiful Foxgloves.

all, striking and graceful, foxgloves are the perfect plant for the back of a border in dappled shade. While they prefer moist soil, they will tolerate a dry spot, especially if you give them a generous mulch of dried bark in spring. Growing up to 2m, they look stunning grown alongside a hedge or in a circle around a specimen tree.